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Laser Printer PCB Artwork Film - Packs of A4 Sheets

Manufacturer : Mega Electronics
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These packs of A4 artwork film sheets from Mega Electronics are specially formulated translucent film for the production of high-resolution PCB artwork directly from any laser printer. Manufactured with 75 micron base with special coating for high resolution keying and fixing of toner, making it ideal for producing crisp dense artwork. Accepts copier toner, enabling usable artwork to be copied from printed originals.

Click here to view the demonstration video.

  • Supplied in packs of 10 or 100 A4 sheets of film

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-062

Laserstar Artwork Film (A4) (10 Sheets)


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-063

Laserstar Artwork Film (A4) (100 Sheets)


In stock, despatched same day


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One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled) Best Artwork Film Ever
Reviewed by: Patrick Duncan
23rd January 2015

I have tried pretty much every other kind of method for producing PCB (or any other photo process), but this knocks it all into a cocked hat. It's a little pricy and requires a decent ish laser printer, but it makes up for it many times over in time saving by being guaranteed perfect every time. I cannot recommend it enough.

One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled) Laserstar excells for cost-effective PCB design
Reviewed by: Edward Kelly | Product code: 39-0774
18th August 2014

As an electronic circuit designer, I found this to be reliable and extremely consistent in terms of quality. It has no grain and always produces great results in terms of print quality and the production of boards with my home-made UV light box and etching tank. As an art teacher it has been recommended for use with light boxes as an alternative method to display work, with a consistent and homogeneous transparency throughout.