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Inkjet Film Jetstar

Manufacturer : Mega Electronics
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JetStar Premium and JetStar Standard are specially formulated inkjet films for the production of artwork photo tools for graphics and PCB production.

  • Special coatings allow dense images to be produced without the ink bleeding
  • Both JetStar Standard and JetStar Premium can be used with dye-based or pigment-based ink
  • For ultimate quality artwork use JetStar Premium which has a superior coating compared to the more economical JetStar Standard
  • Sheet size A4
  • Available in packs of 10 and 100 sheets

Please ensure that your printer is capable of printing on to clear sheets before purchase.
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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-070

Jetstar Standard (Ver. II) A4 (Pack of 10)


In stock, despatched same day




Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-071

Jetstar Standard (Ver. II) A4 (Pack of 100)


Despatched 1-2 months

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-075

Jetstar Premium Sheets A4 (Pack of 10)


Stock due in 1-2 months

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 100-076

Mega Electronics Jetstar Inkjet Film Premium Sheets A4 (Pack of 100)


Despatched 1-2 months

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Question by Graham Holmes | Product code: 39-0780
27th January 2014

QCan I confirm that this is a transparency suitable for inkjet use ... not laser? The reason I'm asking is because most acetate sheets are non-absorbent, and the ink rubs clean off! Thx.
AHi Graham. Thank you for your question. You can use this on an inkjet printer (dull or matt side only) but not on a laser printer. Laser printer version is available on 39-0774.

Question by Barry | Product code: 39-0780
15th July 2013

QHow is image transferred to pcb prior to etching
AHi Barry. Thank you for your question. This film would be used with a UV lamp - see this video for the full process.


One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled) Jetstar Premium Sheets
Reviewed by: Dave H. | Product code: 39-0790
16th June 2014

Used these before and they are excellent. Some inkjets, like my epson PX730WD, will not accept transparent sheets.So I tape a blank sheet of paper behind the Jetstar sheet. I usually cut the sheets to A6 size and then fold them over to project the transfer from scratches. Works out about 50 pence per A6 sheet.

One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled)One Star (Filled) Great Product
Reviewed by: Dave Cheetham
11th October 2013

PCB layouts, print bold and accurate with no smugging. 2.5 minutes in a 2 tube uv box, and all pcb boards come out first time every time......very pleased with results