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Pico DrDaq Educational Datalogger

Simply plug DrDAQ into the parallel port of any PC, run the supplied software and you are ready to collect and display data.

  • Built in sensors for light, sound and temperature
  • Measures pH just plug in any standard electrode
  • Two sockets for external sensors
  • Automatically scales readings
  • Details are provided to allow users to develop their own sensors
  • PicoLog allows DrDAQ to be used as an advanced datalogger over long periods of time
  • PicoScope software allows rapidly changing signals to be analysed
  • Supplied with a library of science experiments. Both student and teacher versions are supplied
  • Full details and demo versions of the software supplied with DrDAQ can be found at:
  • A digital output and a LED are also provided for control/alarm purposes. These can be set on/off using threshold limits on any channel
  • The Reed Switch can be used to detect the presence of a magnetic field such as from a bar magnet or an electromagnet, it can also be used as an alternative to a lightgate for timing applications, supplied with a 5m cable
  • The Temperature Sensor is a high accuracy general purpose temperature sens

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: DD011

Ph Electrode for 85-7500


Despatched 2-3 weeks

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: EL029

DrDAQ Reed Switch


In stock, despatched same day

Technical Specification

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Input Channels7 internal, 2 external
Sampling Rate10 to 15kS/s (PC dependant)
Overload Protection°30v
Digital Outputs1 TTL (with 1-3kW Output Impedance), 1 LED
Dimensions55 x 70 x 20mm
Output Connector25 way male D-type to PC parallel port
External sensors specification
pH0 to 14 0.02 pHCalibration dependent
Temperature–10°C to +105°C-0.1°C (at +25°C)-0.3°C (at +25°C)
Internal sensors specification
Sound waveform±1000.2Not calibrated
Sound level55 to 100dBA1dBA5dBA
Voltage0 to 5V5mV3% of FSD
Resistance0 to 1MΩ0.1kΩ (at 10kΩ)2% (at 100KΩ)
Temperature0°C to 70°C0.1°C (at +25°C)2°C (at +25°C)
Light0 to 1000.1Not Calibrated


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