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RVFM Solar Charger Panel 3V

RVFM Solar Charger Panel 3V

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Key Features

Data Sheets

A fully encapsulated assembly comprising eight individual cells producing an output of 3V, 100mA maximum.
  • Can be used as a power source for low current equipment or for trickle charging AAA or AA size rechargeable batteries
  • Fitted with a hinged mounting bracket
  • Output is via a 1.8m cable, terminated with red and black crocodile clips and a 1.3mm walkman type DC power plug
  • Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 7.5mm

Please note that, if mounted outdoors, the solar panel will require a waterproof housing, (not included). Good results can be obtained by mounting the solar panel in a window.
Technical Specification


Question by Mo | Product code: 42-0240
11 April 2013

QWhat is the weight of this product?
AHi Mo. Thank you for your question. This product weighs 70 grams - see the data sheet.

Question by Gary | Product code: 42-0240
30 April 2012

QWhen I use a multimeter, I can read a fairly healthy voltage from the solar panel. However, I don't seem to have any discernable current showing. Why is this?
AHi Gary, the current cannot be read. Current is drawn by what you have connected to the solar panel to be powered. Current draw can be measured but not directly with the probes of the meter in parallel as the current is measured in series. I hope this helps.

Question by Michelle | Product code: 42-0240
09 March 2012

QI need a solar panel to run a 3V water pump for a water feature. Is this suitable?
AThanks for the enquiry This panel will output 3 volts at 100ma, so may well be suitable for the application you have mentioned.

Question by Richard Crawley | Product code: 42-0240
10 May 2012

QIs this the solar panel that they use for the rapid toyota challenge? If it is not do you know the part number of the panel that is used. Many thanks Richard Crawley
AYes, this is the solar panel used in the Toyota Technology Challenge


Solar cell works well.
Reviewed by: Steven Wilson
13 March 2015

This is an ideal power source which I bought for radio or any 3v application. You get lots of cables with it and on testing it worked perfectly.


v 3.0