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Vishay Polyester Capacitor 220N 100V (368 Series)

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Key Features

Data Sheets

The Vishay Polyester Capacitor 220N 100V (368 Series) is a metallised polyester capacitor with hard epoxy coating, crimped and cropped leads. Offers close tolerance.
  • Hard epoxy coating
  • Crimped and cropped leads
  • Lead length 5mm
  • BC Components 2222 368 Series

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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Insulation resistance30000MΩ
Basic specificationIEC384-2, long life grade
Climatic category (IEC68)40/100/56
Power factor0.01
Operating temperature–40°C to +80°C

Dimensions (mm)LeadPitchBC part no.Order
100V DC (63V AC)
100nF1212.540.610.2BFC2 368 2510410-4100
220nF13.512.55.50.610.2BFC2 368 2522410-4102
470nF1517.560.815.2BFC2 368 2547410-4104
1uF17.517.58.50.815.2BFC2 368 2510510-4106
2u219.5267.50.822.5BFC2 368 2522510-4108
4u72330110.827.9BFC2 368 4547310-4110
250V DC (160V AC)
68nF12.512.54.50.610.2BFC2 368 4510410-4114
100nF1312.550.610.2BFC2 368 4510410-4116
330nF1617.570.815.2BFC2 368 4533410-4120
470nF17.5265.50.822.9BFC2 368 4547410-4122
1uF19.5267.50.822.9BFC2 368 4510510-4124
400V DC (220V AC)
10nF1212.540.610.2BFC2 368 5510310-4128
15nF1312.54.10.610.0BFC2 368 5515310-5840
100nF1517.560.815.2BFC2 368 5510410-4134
220nF17.5265.50.822.9BFC2 368 5522410-4136
470nF202680.822.9BFC2 368 5547410-4138
1uF2330110.827.9BFC2 368 5510510-4140


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