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Serial OLED Display Kits - PICAXE

A range of OLED displays and associate components that will provide important components in PICAXE systems. OLEDs are state-of-the-art components that are the future of optoelectronic displays. OLEDs typically have a much brighter display, better viewing angle and lower current consumption than conventional LCD displays and are a feature in many modern electronic devices.

Serial/I2C OLED and Clock Module AXE033Y (13-1274)
This module consists of a pre-populated PCB that supports the 16 x 2 OLED yellow on black alphanumeric display. When connected to a PICAXE microcontroller it allows the visual output of user controlled or predefined messages or readings without the need for a computer. Communication between module and microcontroller is via a simple serial (1-wire) connection or via a I2C connection. Additionally, the small footprint of this device makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. Some soldering and assembly is required

Serial OLED Kits 16 x 2 AXE133Y (13-1276) and 20 x 4 AXE134Y (13-1277)
These budget-conscious serial OLED modules, available with 16 x 2 or 20 x 4 yellow on black alphanumeric displays, allow the visual display of user instructions, sensor reading, etc. of PICAXE microcontroller projects. Connection is via a simple 1-wire serial interface. The included PICAXE-18M2 is fitted on to a small serial interface PCB and is pre-programmed with the open source AXE133/AXE134 firmware that allows the microcontroller to act as a 'slave' serial driver for the OLED display. This allows the main project to display text on the OLED voa simple 'serout' commands.

The control codes that are used in these kits are identical to those used in the AXE033 module, enabling the kits to be used as an alternative to the AXE033. The 18M2 microcontroller can also be reprogrammed, e.g. to change the power-up welcome message. The kits are self-assembly that require some simple soldering.

Serial OLED/LCD Driver Kit AXE132 (13-1270)
The AXE132 is the same serial interface board that is supplied in the AXE133Y and AXE134Y kits. The heart of the board is the PICAXE-18M2 microcontroller which is pre-programmed with the open source AXE133 firmware, allowing the module to drive an OLED or LCD display.

  • Industry proven PICAXE family
  • 16 x 2 or 20 x 4 OLED displays with yellow on black text
  • Simple 1-wire serial connection
  • programmable pre-defined messages
  • Kits supplied complete

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: AXE033Y

Serial OLED Module


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: AXE133Y

Serial OLED Module 16x2


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: AXE134Y

Serial OLED Module 20x4


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: AXE132

Serial OLED / LCD Driver Board


In stock, despatched same day

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For kit contents and assembly instructions see relevant datasheets.


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