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Power LED Modules 9x 1W White and Warm White

A range of LED modules each of which contain 9x 1W LEDs, in either white or various shades of warm white. The LEDs have a very high luminous output and large viewing angle coupled with high efficiency, long operational life and easy installation, making the module suitable for a wide range of applications - especially where a low maintenance installation is required and accessibility is an issue.

Also available is a high efficiency water clear power LED lens unit.

  • Very High luminous flux
  • Super energy efficient
  • Long operational life
  • Easy installation
  • Fast response
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Superior ESD protection

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: OSPR9X02-W4XZE1E1E

White 6500K 9x1W Power Led 900lm


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: OSPR9X02-M4XZE1E1E

Warm White 2500K 9x1W Power Led 765lm


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: OSPR9X02-M5XZE1E1E

Warm White 3000K 9x1W Power Led 675lm


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: OSPR9X02-M7XZE1E1E

Warm White 4000K 9x1W Power Led 765lm


In stock, despatched same day




Manufacturer’s Part Number: OS-OLIHA030P

Power Led Lens for 9x1W


In stock, despatched same day

Technical Specification

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ColourColourLum. fluxIFVFVFPDViewOrder
temp. (K)(lm)max. (A)typ. (V)max. (V)max. (W)anglecode
Warm white25008101.5101227120°55-2616
Warm white30008101.5101227120°55-2614
Warm white40008101.5101227120°55-2618


Question by Shay
26th August 2014

QWhat diameter is the base cant find it anywhere
AHi Shay. Thank you for your question. The diameter is approximately 88mm.

Question by Mark
25th June 2013

QHi. Can you recommend a heat sink for this product? Thanks
AHi Mark. Thank you for your question. We would suggest utilising something like 50-9478 as the heat sink.

Question by John | Product code: 55-2618
26th April 2013

QHello, 2 Questions 1/ How do you mount item to ceiling. Do you drill holes through the base. 2/ How does the lens cover stay in place .
AHi John. Thank you for your question. This is not a finished product. This is a module - a heat sink is required, a lens cover is not supplied. We do however do finished ceiling mount units.

Question by Philippe
8th April 2013

QPlease can you suggest a power supply that could power a few (at least 2) of these LEDs, preferably in series? (I'd like to power 5 to 10 of these at a reasonable cost.)
AHi Philippe. Thank you for your question. To wire two of these in series will require a 24V supply - a suitable supply would be 85-3081. We would also suggest you use a small value circa 22R 1W resistor in series with each LED module as current limiting and the LED module will also require a heat sink as they will run very hot if on for a long period of time.

Question by John | Product code: 55-2616
4th January 2013

QWhat is the best driver you can supply for this unit and does this unit need a heatsink?
AHi John. Thank you for your question. This unit will require additional heat sinking. The item can be driven by an ordinary power supply ideally at 10V – something like 85-2908 can be used.


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