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MIC4426BN Dual 1.5A Low-side MOSFET Driver

The MIC4426 is a highly reliable, dual low-side MOSFET driver fabricated on a BiCMOS/DMOS process for low power consumption and high efficiency. The driver translates TTL or CMOS input logic levels to output voltage levels that swing within 25mV of the positive supply or ground. It will withstand up to 500mA of reverse current (either polarity) without latching and up to 5V noise spikes (either polarity) on ground pins.

  • Applications include driving heavily loaded clock lines, coaxial cables or piezo-electric transducers
  • Supplied in DIL-8 package

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: MIC4426YN

Mic4426yn Yn Dual1.5a Peak Mosfetdrive


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Technical Specification

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Supply voltage+4.5V to +18V DC, 22V max.
Power supply current1.4mA
Input voltageVS + 0.3V to GND – 5V max.
Peak output current1.5A
Latch-up protection withstand reverse current>500mA
High output voltageVS – 0.025V
Low output voltage0.025V
Output resistance high state
Rise time18ns
Fall time15ns
Delay time23ns
MIC4426BN Dual 1.5A Low-side MOSFET Driver (35586)


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