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LTC3783 High power boost LED driver

The LT3783 from Linear Technology is a current mode LED driver and DC/DC boost converter that features flyback and SEPIC design. Able to work in either constant current or constant voltage regulation mode this device will drive both an N-channel power MOSFET and an N-channel load PWM switch. When using an external load switch, unique circuitry enables the controller to store load current information, providing extremely fast, true PWM load switching with no transient overvoltage or undervoltage issues. LED dimming ratios of up to 3000:1 can be achieved, without the colour shift normally associated with LED current dimming. For low to medium power applications the No RSENSE mode utilises the power MOSFETs ON-resistance to eliminate the need for a current sense resistor, thereby maximising efficiency. Applications for this device include high voltage LED arrays, telecom power supplies, 42V automotive systems, 24V industrial controls and IP phone power supplies.

  • Constant current or constant voltage regulation
  • True colour PWM for 3000:1 dimming ratio with no colour shift
  • Fully integrated load driver for dimming control of high power LEDs
  • Analogue input 100:1 dimming
  • Wide feedback voltage range
  • Low shutdown current
  • Programmable operating frequency via one external resistor
  • Synchronisable to an external clock
  • Internal 7V low dropout voltage regulator
  • Programmable output overvoltage protection
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Supplied in a TSSOP-16 package

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: LTC3783EFE#PBF

Ltc3783efe Pwm LED Driver


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Technical Specification

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Input voltage range3 to 36V
Input voltage supply current (continuous mode)1.5mA
Reference voltage typ.1.23V
Feedback voltage range0V to 1.23V
Oscillator frequency range20kHz to 1MHz
Duty cycle max.97%
Gate driver peak current sourcing (VGATE=0V)0.5A
Gate driver peak current sinking (VGATE=7V)1A
PWMOUT driver peak current sourcing (VPWMOUT=0V)0.25A
PWMOUT driver peak current sinking (VPWMOUT=7V)0.5A
Operating temperature–40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature–65°C to +150°C


Question by
18th February 2013

QHi will the LTC3783 High power boost LED driver, pwm power your 55-2748 LED Power Module 7W Cool White 700lm rated at 400mA and 14v. thanks
AThank you for your question. This looks to be OK for that LED. It depends how many are required to run but it should run 2 OK.


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