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ST M74HC20B1R Dual 4-input NAND Gate

ST M74HC20B1R Dual 4-input NAND Gate
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This ST 74HC20 dual 4 input NAND gate IC is available in a DIL-14 package. A part of the 74HC range. The M74HC20 is a high speed CMOS dual 4 input NAND gate.
  • 2 to 6VDC supply voltage
  • 9ns propagation delay
  • 0.5W power
  • DIL-14
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature

Technical Specification
Technical Specification
DeviceFunctionPackageMftr.Order code
74HC00Quad 2-input NAND gateDIL-14TI83-0036
74HC00MQuad 2-input NAND gateSO-14ST83-0176
74HC02Quad 2-input NOR gateDIL-14ST83-0038
74HC02NQuad 2 input NOR gateDIL-14TI51-6275
74HC04Hex inverterDIL-14ST83-0042
74HC04DHex inverterSO-14TI83-0886
74HC08Quad 2-input AND gateDIL-14ST83-0044
74HC08Quad 2-input AND gateDIL-14TI83-0183
74HC08EQuad 2 input AND gateDIL-14TI51-6276
74HC08MQuad 2-input AND gateSO-14TI83-0282
74HC10Triple 3-input NAND gateDIL-14ST83-0046
74HC10MTriple 3-input NAND gateSO-14TI83-0185
74HC10NTriple 3-input positive NAND gateDIL-14TI83-0909
74HC11Triple 3-input AND gateDIL-14ST83-0048
74HC14Hex Schmitt inverterDIL-14TI83-0050
74HC14MHex Schmitt inverterSO-14ST83-0186
74HC20Dual 4-input NAND gateDIL-14ST83-0052
74HC27Triple 3-input NOR gateDIL-14TI83-0054
74HC32Quad-2 input OR gateDIL-14TI83-0058
74HC42BCD to decimal decoderDIL-16ST83-0061
74HC74Dual D-type flip-flop with preset and CLRDIL-14ST83-0064
74HC74DDual D-type flip-flop with preset and CLRSO-14NXP83-0483
74HC74NDual D-type flip-flop with preset and CLRDIL-14TI51-6278
74HC86Quad exclusive OR gateDIL-14ST83-0072
74HC123Dual monostable multivibratorDIL-16ST83-0076
74HC125NQuad bus bufferDIL-14TI83-0078
74HC132Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt triggerDIL-14ST83-0082
74HC132DQuad 2-input NAND Schmitt triggerSO-14NXP83-0487
74HC1383 to 8 line decoder (inverting)DIL-16TI83-0084
74HC138D3 to 8 line decoder (inverting)SO-16NXP83-0884
74HC138M3 to 8 line decoder (inverting)SO-16ST83-0208
74HC138N3 to 8 line decoder (inverting)DIL-16TI51-6279
74HC139Dual 2 to 4 line decoderDIL-16ST83-0086
74HC1604-bit decade counter +clearDIL-16NXP83-0096
74HC1614-bit synchronous binary counter + clearDIL-16ST83-0098
74HC1648-bit SIPO shift registerDIL-14ST83-0104
74HC164M8-bit SIPO shift registerSO-14ST83-0218
74HC164M8-bit SIPO shift registerSO-14TI83-0219
74HC164N8-bit SIPO shift registerDIL-14TI51-6280
74HC1658-bit PISO shift registerDIL-16TI83-0106
74HC174Hex D-type flip-flop + clearDIL-16ST83-0108
74HC175Quad D-type flip-flop + clearDIL-16TI83-0110
74HC192Sync up/down dec counterDIL-16TI83-0113
74HC193Up/down binary counterDIL-16TI83-0115
74HC194CMOS logic 4-bit logic registerDIL-16TI83-0157
74HC240Octal inverter bufferDIL-20TI83-0119
74HC244EOctal buffer/Line driver (Tri-state)DIL-20TI83-0122
74HC244MOctal bus buffer (Tri-state)SO-20ST83-0228
74HC245Octal bus transceiverDIL-20TI83-0124
74HC245MOctal bus transceiver (Tri-state)SO-20TI83-0231
74HC2598-bit addressable latchDIL-16ST83-0130
74HC259D8-bit addressable latchSO-16NXP83-0880
74HC273Octal D-type flip-flopDIL-20ST83-0132
74HC367Hex bus bufferDIL-16ST83-0138
74HC373Octal D-type latchDIL-20TI83-0142
74HC373MOctal D-type latch (Tri-state)SO-20ST83-0240
74HC374Octal D-type flip-flopDIL-20TI83-0145
74HC390Dual decade counterDIL-16TI83-0147
74HC393Dual binary counterDIL-14TI83-0148
74HC573Octal D-type latchDIL-20TI83-0152
74HC574Octal D-type flip-flopDIL-20TI83-0155
74HC6888-bit equality comparatorDIL-20ST83-0156
74HC404012 stage binary counterDIL-16TI83-0164
74HC4040M12-stage binary counterSO-16ST83-0256
74HC406014 stage binary counter/oscillatorDIL-16ST83-0166
74HC4066MQuad bi-lateral switchSO-16ST83-0258
74HC4538DDual retriggerable precision monostable multivibratorSO-16NXP82-0259
74HC4543BCD to 7 segment decoder latch decoder/LCD driverDIL-16TI83-0174
74HC5958-bit Shift registerDIL-16TI82-0265
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TruConnect DS1009-14 AT1NX 14Pin DIL Socket 7.62mm No Central Support Tube of 34
TruConnect DS1009-14 AT1NX 14Pin DIL Socket 7.62mm No Central Support Tube of 34

(MPN:DS1009-14 AT1NX)

Tube of 34 high quality 14-pin dual-in-line narrow 7.62mm sockets with black thermoplastic body and tin-plated copper alloy contacts. Sockets have chamfered side walls to assist insertion. One end is indented for easy identification of the polarisation.

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Code: 22-0108

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£1.20 £0.725 £0.647 £0.579
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TruConnect 110-87-314-41001 14 Pin 0.3in Turned Pin Socket
TruConnect 110-87-314-41001 14 Pin 0.3in Turned Pin Socket


Low profile DIL socket with 14 pins, open frame style.

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Code: 22-1721

1+ 50+ 250+
£0.445 £0.345 £0.269
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