HAMEG HM8143 Arbitrary Power Supply Unit

The HM8143 is a multifunctional workhorse, you get 3 instruments in one. A power supply with 3 independent floating outputs which may be series or parallel connected. All outputs may be turned on or off by pushing a button. The 30V/2A outputs may be externally modulated or may be operated in the tracking mode allowing you to change their voltages currents simultaneously.

Sense terminals measure the voltages directly at the respective loads thus keeping the load voltages constant. For digital circuits a 5V/2A output is provided. The HAMEG HM8143 is an arbitrary waveform generator with 1024 points allowing it to generate user-defined waveforms in the low frequency range. The arbitrary signals are generated digitally and can be defined fairly simply. In general, an arbitrary signal consists of a multitude of amplitude levels which are addressed one after the other thus creating a waveform which may be periodically repeated. The signal may be freely defined within the instrument specifications and will be stored by the instrument.

Such signals may be defined by using the RS-232, IEEE-488 or USB interfaces. The two 30V outputs may be modulated using the rear terminals. The high slew rate of 1V/µs for modulation and the minimum pulse width of 100µs in the arbitrary mode allow complex load profiles. For external modulation the low distortion of the linear output stage is available over the full power range. HAMEG Instruments are well known for oscilloscopes and test equipment for more than 50 years.


  • Outputs: 2x 0V to 30V/0A to 2A and 1x 5V/0A to 2A
  • Display resolution 10mV/1mA
  • Arbitrary waveform power supply (1024 points, 12-bit)
  • Tracking mode for 30V outputs
  • External modulation of output voltages
  • Electronic load up to 60W per channel (max. 2A)
  • SENSE lines
  • Multimeter mode for all adjustable outputs
  • RS-232 Interface optional: USB, IEEE-488

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: HM8143

Hameg HM8143 Arbitrary Power Supply Unit


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Technical Specification

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Voltage applicable to output terminals (ON/OFF)CH I + CH III, 30V; CH II: 5 V
Voltage to earth: max. 150 V
Display: 4 x 4-digit 7-segment LEDs
Interface: RS-232 (standardProtection class: I acc. to EN 61010 (IEC 61010)
Power supply: 115V to 230V ±10%; 50 to 60Hz
Mains fuse: 115V: 2x 6A slow blow 5x 20mm
230V: 2x 3.15A slow blow 5x 20mm
Power consumption: approx. 300VA
Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Max. relative humidity: <80% (without condensation)
Dimensions:285(W) x 75(H) x 365(D)mm
Weight: approx:approx. 9kg

For full technical specification and recommended accessories, see datasheet


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