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3v 13100 Rpm DC Motor

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Manufacturer: TruMotion
Manufacturer Part No: S10-2270-38Z-02
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Key Features

Data Sheets

Miniature DC Motor, 3Vdc Voltage Rating, 1.046W Power Rating, 16000rpm No Load Speed, 12407rpm Nominal Speed, 1.001A Load Current, 8.2g-cm Maximum Continuous Torque, 36.6g-cm Stall Torque, 19.9mm Diameter, 2mm Shaft Diameter, 25mm Long, 17g Weight, 0.29A No Load Current, 34.81% Efficiency, 8.1mm Shaft Length, Zinc Plated Steel Casing, Two Flat Sides Make the Motor Ideal for Mounting on a PCB, Rotates Counter-Clockwise when Viewed from Shaft End, Solder Tag Termination
  • Operating voltage 1.5 to 4.5V DC
  • Two flat sides make the motor ideal for mounting on a PCB
  • Rotates counter-clockwise when viewed from shaft end
  • Solder tag termination

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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Rated voltage3V DC
No load current0.34A max.
No load speed16,400rpm ± 15%
Rated load8.0
Rated load current1.07A max.
Rated load speed13,100rpm ± 12%
Length excluding shaft25mm
Width across flats15.1mm
Shaft length9.4mm
Shaft diameter2mm
Weight17g approx.


Question by poppy | Product code: 37-0140
2nd May 2013

Qwould it be easy to vary the speed of this motor?
AHi Poppy. Thank you for your question. You would need to vary the voltage. The motor is rated at 3V; at 1.5V the motor would be half the speed for example.

Question by Michael Healy | Product code: 37-0140
7th February 2013

QCan i get an extended length axle for this motor?
AHi Michael. Thank you for your question. This might be possible – but would be a special order with all that that implies, MOQ lead time etc. There are shaft couplers such as 43-1050 and 2mm shafts 337-0350 which could be used to extend the shaft – but may not be appropriate for the intended application.

Question by Joe | Product code: 37-0140
13th April 2012

QCan this motor run in reverse also?
AHi Joe, yes this motor will go both ways depending on the polarity of the input.


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Reviewed by: Mike Smith | Product code: 37-0140
2nd February 2010

Be careful with this motor if you intend to use two 1.5 volt batteries because they run down very very quickly about 30 minutes or less. You could try part number 37-0144 which rotates slower at 8,000rpm and draws 0.63 with a propeller fitted. The current drawn increases by about 400mA with prop fitted.

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Reviewed by: Dougie | Product code: 37-0140
8th January 2009

Quality motor