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Haze HZY12-26EV 12V 26Ah Gel Battery Ev Range Haze

Haze HZY12-26EV 12V 26Ah Gel Battery Ev Range Haze

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Monobloc Gel Electrolyte Battery, 26Ah Capacity, 12V Nominal Voltage, C-M5 Copper Insert Terminal, 900A Discharge Current, -20°C to +50°C Operating Temperature, 9.5mR Internal Resistance, 166mm Long, 176mm Wide, 126mm High, 8.8kg Weight, Electrolyte: Sulphuric Acid Analytical Grade Purity, Gel Multi-Purpose Battery that are Designed for Excellent Performance and Deep Discharge Applications, Full Recovery from Long Discharges, Good Tolerance to Highest Temperature Applications, Suitable for where Mains Power Supply is Unstable, No Equalisation Charge Required, Thicker Plates for Reduced Grid Corrosion and Increased Cycle Life, High Resistance to Shorting due to Superior Mechanical Strength of the Polymer Separator, One-Way Pressure-Relief Vent for Safety and Long Life, CE Approved, Ideal for Wheelchair, Medical, Solar, Refrigeration, Boats, Navigation, Water Pumps, Floor Machines, Electric Vehicles and More. Supplied singly.

Technical Specification
Health and Safety
Technical Specification
Voltage6 and 12V
Operating temperature–25°C to +55°C
PlatesFlat pasted
Plate alloyLead tin/calcium alloy
SeparatorMicroporus duroplastic
TerminalCopper insert for SS bolts
Charge voltageFloat 2.27-2.30 VPC 20°C
ElectrolyteSulphuric acid
VoltageCapacity;100hr dischargeDimensions L x W x HWeightMftrs. partOrder code
6V7.5Ah150 x 34 x 96mm1.3kgHZY6-7.518-1120
6V12Ah151 x 50 x 96mm2kgHZY6-1218-1121
12V7.5Ah151 x 65 x 96mm2.5kgHZY12-7.518-1122
12V12Ah150 x 97 x 98mm4kgHZY12-1218-1123
12V18Ah181 x 76 x 167mm5.9kgHZY12-1818-1124
12V26Ah166 x 176 x 126mm8.8kgHZY12-2618-1125
12V33Ah195 x 130 x 160mm10.9kgHZY12-3318-1126
12V44Ah197 x 165 x 170mm14kgHZY12-4418-1127
12V55Ah228 x 137 x 207mm17.5kgHZY12-5518-1128
12V80Ah259 x 168 x 208mm23.3kgHZY12-8018-1130
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Question by Catherine | Product code: 18-1124
21 October 2013

QIs this unspillable?
AHi Catherine. Thank you for your question. The data sheet refers to the battery as being spill/leak proof under normal operating conditions.

Question by John Naylor | Product code: 18-1130
18 June 2013

QCan this battery be used on a golf buggy with crocodile clip connections
AHi John, thanks for your question. Yes, this battery is suitable for golf trolley applications. The battery has bolt terminals, but connection will depend on the type and size of crocodile clip.

Question by Christopher Hilton | Product code: 18-1124
11 March 2013

QWhat type of charger is suitable for this battery
AHi Christopher. Thank you for your question. We would recommend 18-0741.

Question by Andrew | Product code: 18-1130
02 January 2013

QDo you have a charger for this?
AHi Andrew. Thank you for your question. Any Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) will charge this battery – but considering its high AH rating – a high current rating is more practical such as order code 18-1465 (8A) or 18-1467 (12A).

Question by dhinesh | Product code: 18-1130
02 January 2013

QHow many years warranty will u give?
AHi Dhinesh. Thank you for your question. This product has a 1 year warranty.

Question by Sharon | Product code: 18-1123
08 October 2012

QHi can this battery be used in a renault scenic megane?
AHi Sharon, thanks for your question. These are intended for prolonged discharge applications such as wheelchair use or similar, rather than short very large discharges encountered during car starting. Therefore this item is not really suitable.

Question by Volker Dalheimer
21 May 2012

QIf I receive a (actually 4)"brand new" HZY12-18 battery with possible markings for the years 06, 07, 08 and 09 could that be an indicator that my supplier is trying to sell stock 6-7 years old? Can I still expect a "design life" of 12 years? Can I still expect a 100% performance? I, for my part, assume that during those appr. 6 yerars of storage that there was no maintainance to talk of. Your very early reply would be highly appreciated. B.R. Volker Dalheimer
AHi Volker, thanks for your question. The batteries have only been manufactured about this date, and as they have not been activated they would still be at 100% of their original condition. So basically they will still be good for their 12 year life as stated from the manufacture, regardless when made.

Question by martyn cooper | Product code: 18-1123
11 October 2011

QHi,have theses batteries been charged prior to delivery to me.Regards
AThanks for your enquiry Martyn. This product is charged and ready to use straight away.

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