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Edu-Logger - comprehensive data logger kit with case

Edu-Logger technology is based on autonomous modular sensors that can be combined in a long 'chain'. Each sensor samples and records the information in its own memory, working independently from all of the other sensors.

Edu-Logger sensors can be connected, in any order, to a PC or to a monitor display unit. The unique design of the sensors allows for any combination of modules, regardless of the connection order. Sensors can be added or removed without effecting the rest of the chain.

Once the Edu-Logger sensors are connected in a manner appropriate for the experiment, they can be operated in three different modes:

PC: The sensors can be connected via a USB port, and the researcher can control data acquisition and analyze results using the Edu-Logger software.
Monitor display unit: The unit comes equipped with an LCD screen and keyboard and can be used easily outdoors.
Independent Sensor: Each sensor contains its own memory and processor. It can be programmed via the PC or the monitor display unit and will then carry out measurements as a stand-alone unit.

  • See Technical Specification for sensors included
  • Additional sensor types available
  • Flexible modular system
  • All sensors can operate individually and in combination
  • Fast and easy connection to a USB port
  • Automatic recognition of sensors
  • Digital range can be defined via the included software
  • Programmable sample rate (20/H to 20,000/sec)
  • Extensive memory capabilities (64,000 samples per sensor)
  • Variable duration of samples (3.2s to 133 days)
  • Powered via USB or batteries. No Mains power supply is required
  • Appropriate for primary school, secondary school, further and higher education
  • Suitable for Key Stage 2+ (age 7 and above)

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: 900-100

Edu-logger - Comprehensive Datalogger Kit with Case


Despatched 2-3 weeks

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Technical Specification

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QtyEdu-Lab typeDescriptionOrder Code
1900-101Voltage Logger Sensor52-9225
1900-102Current Logger Sensor52-9219
1900-103Temperature Logger Sensor52-9224
1900-104Light Logger Sensor52-9221
1900-105Oxygen Logger Sensor52-9222
1900-106pH Logger Sensor52-9223
1900-107Humidity Logger Sensor52-9220
1900-108Heart Rate and Pulse Logger Sensor52-9230
1900-109Light Gate Logger Sensor52-9231
1900-110Pressure Logger Sensor52-9233
1900-111Force Logger Sensor52-9229
1900-112Sound Logger Sensor52-9235
1900-113USB Bridge Module52-9236
1900-114Monitor Display Unit52-9232
1900-115Battery Module52-9226
2900-116RF Modules52-9234
1900-117Carry-case for Datalogger Kit52-9227
4900-11830cm USB Cables52-9069
4900-119100cm USB Cables


Question by David White | Product code: 52-9228
22nd March 2013

QMy son is at Uni and uses your equipment. At home over the Easter break he will be running experiments using the GSR & Heart-Rate sensors. The Uni has lent him the hard-ware for his experiments but he needs the computer software program. I've looked on your website for the software but am unable to find it. Would you let me know if it can be bought separately and if so what the cost is. Many thanks, David
AHi David. Thank you for your question. We don't have this - but EDU-LAB have directed me to this link for a download.


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