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Brass weight hangers

Manufacturer : RVFM
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These weight hangers are designed for use in conjunction with slotted weights.

  • Made from solid brass
  • Each hanger is marked with its weight
  • 10g and 20g hangers can take additional 5, 10 and 20g weights, 52-0619, 52-0621 and 52-0623
  • 50g hanger can take additional 50g weights, 52-0625
  • 100g hanger can take additional 100g weights, 52-0627

These weight hangers are recommended for use with the slotted weights listed above and may not fit other brands.
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Manufacturer’s Part Number: MHB010G

Brass Weight Hanger 10g


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: MHB020G

Brass Weight Hanger 20g


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: MHB050G

Brass Weight Hanger 50g


In stock, despatched same day

Manufacturer’s Part Number: MHB100G

Brass Weight Hanger 100g


In stock, despatched same day


Question by adrian
15th March 2013

QHi can you confirm the rod diameter is 3mm? in another question on the weight range, the weights have a hole of 6mm i/d with a 3mm slot. the weights should not come of the rod so the rod diameter must be bigger than the slot width in the weight. is the rod 6mm diameter?
AHi Adrian. Thank you for your question. The rod part of the hangars will be of a greater diameter – but the “hook” at the top of them all is 3mm. This allows the weights to slip over the hanger without disconnecting it – then the hole will fit smoothly over the rod but not come off.

Question by adrian
1st March 2013

Qhi can you advise the overall length of the hanger from the underside of the bottom weight to the top outside of the hook and also indicate the hook rod diametrer. please offer this on each one in the range as we are going to use all of them in our design. regards Adrian
AHi Adrian. Thank you for your question. Overall Height Hook Rod diameter 52-0629 80mm 3.0mm 52-0631 99mm 3.0mm 52-0633 153mm 3.0mm 52-0635 180mm 3.0mm


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