DVI to HDMI adaptor

Manufacturer : RVFM
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This adaptor will allow a DVI lead to be converted to a HDMI connection. HDMI and DVI are both digital video connections that can be used together. In some cases equipment may have a DVI connection that needs to be converted to a HDMI type plug; this simple adaptor allows for this. This adaptor is a 25-pin DVI female to 19-pin DVI male.

Also available is an adaptor allowing you to connect a 25-pin DVI male to 19-pin HDMI female.

  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Fits onto the end of a HDMI cable
  • Common Use: Plugs into the DVI output port of a PC allowing a connection to a LCD TV or monitor fitted with a DVI inlet
  • Available in the following specifications: DVI-D 25-pin female to HDMI 19-pin male adaptor and DVI-D 25-pin male to HDMI 19-pin female adaptor

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Manufacturer’s Part Number: DV-005

DVI-D 25 Pin Female to HDMI 19 Pin Male Adaptor


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Manufacturer’s Part Number: DV-006

DVI-D 25 Pin Male to HDMI 19 Pin Female Adaptor


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Question by Phil Heath | Product code: 16-1370
24th November 2011

QIs it possible to take from the dvi socket on the computer to a HDMI that carries sound as well as picture
AI'm afraid that the DVI socket on your computer only outputs video so a DVI to HDMI adaptor will not produce any sound to your monitor. You will need to use a standard red/white audio cable and connect it directly to your computer.


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